Japosat satellite mapping was founded in 2008 by Bronislaw Popiela, a professional geologist and remote sensing expert, a member of the Quebec Order of Geologists and the Quebec Association of Remote Sensing.  Bronislaw, the company's exclusive shareholder, has more than 20 years of experience in remote sensing, geological and thematic mapping, prospecting and mineral exploration, and management of geospatial data and exploration databases.

              Since its founding, Japosat has carried out projects in North and South America, Central America, Africa and Asia.

              Since 2013, the firm has focused on the development of multispectral geobotany (GEOBS) technology applied to mineral exploration and thematic mapping.  The GEOBS has already been used successfully on several mandates in Quebec and internationally.

              Since 2016, Japosat also offers a multispectral and hyperspectral survey and mapping services with drone (UAV).  This service also includes: generation of 3D Point Clouds, production of orthomosaics and very high resolution Digital Elevation Models (DEM, DTM and DSM).

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