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              Japosat satellite mapping has been working for 16 years in the field of remote sensing and knows how to choose appropriate imagery for the specific needs of a mineral exploration project.  Our satellite image planning and acquisition service aims first of all to pinpoint the needs of our customers and then, to offer them the best satellite imagery available.

              We have access to all commercial satellite data from 30 cm to 30 m of spatial resolution, including images from WorldView, Pleiades, GeoEye, QuickBird, SPOT, RapidEye, Aster, Landsat, Radarsat, SRTM and others.

              We also offer satellite mapping services; the satellite maps and thematic maps are designated by our experts and customized according to the needs of our customers.  Our images and maps enhance lithologies, structures, mineral alterations, outcrops, and facilitate the planning of field work.

              We also offer the verification and validation service of key features identified on satellite data.  Our team is then mobilized on the ground to describe the representative features essential for geological interpretation.

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